Monday, April 14, 2008

County Antrim Victory for New Team

Tango & Cash Meet the Spartans - arriving at the Adventure Ireland race in County Antrim, in TrailBadger colours"Tango & Cash Meet the Spartans" proved to be a synergistic collaboration indeed.

The newly-formed foursome (seen left, arriving in their 'ride' in full Trailbadger uniform) stormed their way to an impressive win at the Adventure Ireland race in County Antrim on Saturday 12 April.

Tango & Cash Meet the Spartans - just finished the Adventure Ireland race in County Antrim, in TrailBadger coloursFirst back to base after 6 hours of frantic racing, all checkpoints gathered, we were feeling smug.

Almost choking on our minestrone soup, we were gutted to be denied our rightful place as victors, after the sour-grapes invoking of an ancient tribal ruling from 1279, which states that, to win, you must have a girlie on your team. Ba!

Race report - we turned up, had a great day, we smoked the course, arrived back first, ate like kings, and are extremely thankful to Greg and team for a great day out!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tango & Cash Meet the Spartans!

Keith Harris & OrvilleAgents representing Tango & Cash and rival adventure racing team "Meet the Spartans" have concluded knife-edge negotiations over the past week to confirm the most exciting collaboration since Keith Harris first buried his arm up to the elbow in the lovable Orville.

"Tango & Cash Meet the Spartans" will compete as a team of four in the Adventure Ireland County Antrim adventure race on 12 April 2008. In the words of the great man himself: "I wish I could fly,... but I can't". Inspiring stuff.