Saturday, October 16, 2010

Slieve Martin Slaughter 2010 (early shift)

Unable to make the official Slieve Martin Slaughter at 9am on Saturday due to a cake-baking competition we were judging that morning, we took our chance 8 hours earlier to reunite the Post Bike with the summit of Slieve Martin, then tore down the switchbacks on Davy's new tandem.

Anyone who fancies a rattle on the Post Bike over Fern Gully, now's your chance, as we left the bike up at the summit for some brave soul to have a crack!

Our tandem descent proved tricky enough, as we had lost the batteries for the bike lights on the way up; found one of them right at the bottom of the switchbacks, but the other one remains on the hill somewhere. If you find it, stick up a message.

Official NTSR Slieve Martin Slaughter 2010 event report here.

(1:00am on Slieve Martin, misty and c-c-c-cold)

(1:10am - A final moment with the post-bike before we departed on the tandem)

(4:00pm - The old post bike lounges majestically atop Slieve Martin, slaughter completed for another year)

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

TrailBadger Annual Scotland Trip, 1 - 3 October

Click image for full size.

Inspired by Rembrandt van Rijn's "The Nightwatch" or "The Shooting Company of Franz Banning Cocq"

Starring: Team TrailBadger, Glentress 2010
Creative direction: Ian Shovels
Art restoration: PJ