Friday, October 12, 2007 Trip to Scotland 5 -7 October

The Delegates

Twas a fine trip. Lasting memories will include:

  • The fantastic weather - 3 days unbroken sunshine - in October?!
  • The hospitality of Ewan and the Cross Keys Hotel in Peebles
  • The really quite tricky Kona Dark Side northshore at Mabie
  • The Karaoke session! Not a word!

  • The steak and chips!

  • Hugh being passed uphill on day 2 by a 60 year old woman out walking

  • The 11 hours of potential biking time spent by Mark fidgeting with his video camera

  • Davy's spectacular fall on Spooky Wood - anything for the camera

  • International man of mystery Enda joining the party from Copenhagen with fresh legs

  • Stevie's small shin scrape and subsequent tosser footballer shinguards

  • Lavabo using the excuse of a bad back to drink with Rodger solidly for 2 days.

  • Bugsy's disgusting cycling tops, but gorgeous Arthur Daly motor

  • The blessed hand of the Virgin Mary herself intervening to prevent Ian from going over the lip of about 20 berms

  • Phil beating the baying women off him (and the dusky, smouldering Ian) in the Keg!

  • A fresh and spritely Jonny Gray being accused of having a hangover by Ewan because he supposedly "looked terrible"

  • Rick being an all-round super chap! - Mountain bike trails for Northern Ireland Bikers - see our Southern Scotland pages.

Davy About to Fall


Anonymous said...

Friggin amazing trip lads!! Personal highlights were the Kona Dark side, 6 times up spooky wood and the skills park. Awesome

Bill Hicks

Anonymous said...

Does the big girl on the right have any other tops ???

Also is he aware of his hairy top lip ???

Tango and Cash said...

that is not a person. it is an on one promotional board that we just wheel in for the photos.

Anonymous said...

Look, lads, don't let this go too far. One competitor already seems to have got something fouled up in the chain:


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