Sunday, November 11, 2007

The "Slieve Martin Slaughter"

Slieve Martin Slaughter Slieve Martin Slaughter

Spawned by the good people of Not The Sunday Run, 10 November 2007 saw the inaugural "Slieve Martin Slaughter" take flight.

Slaughter wouldn't describe it. 4 ascents of Slieve Martin; 46 km. 2,400 vertical metres of climbing. Nearly 7 hours. 21 starters, 7 finishers.

The 46-pound post-bike made it, but just, a hairline fracture in the frame after the first descent having become a gaping wound after all 4.

Well done all the chaps representing / Tango & Cash on the day. County Antrim can stand tall!

Slieve Martin Slaughter


aquaasho said...
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aquaasho said...

Ha ha

now it looks like I wrote something filthy!!!!

Just sent you a mail Rick!

Tango and Cash said...

aisling, this is strictly a family show! we have no place for your xxx muck! :-)

aquaasho said...

Just read the full version over at NTSR! Brilliant! If they do it every year I'd love to give it a go!

Tango and Cash said...

I would recommend it, but remember to have a full tank of gas! it's HARD work!

NTSR said...


We may make it a race next year but have a look at the Kilbroney Challenge page on the NTSR website and gather a few friends for the 2008 event which is on saturday 21 June 2008.


aquaasho said...

Cheers Rowan, will take a look.

I mentioned it this year (thanks to Peter for a couple of qoutes!)

Keep us informed over at TGU of what you're at and we'll give it a plug!! Rick has my e-mail address.