Friday, November 30, 2007 Trip to Kirroughtree, 25 November

TrailBadger trip to Kirroughtree
No broken bones, just a broken seat. 14 heads. A great day out.
Nothing more to be said, really!

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aquaasho said...

That photo is so funny when you look closely! Look at the faces some of you lot are pullin'

ha ha :-)

Tango and Cash said...

We were knackered and starting to hallucinate!

One is reminded of a typical "So Solid Crew" album cover!

Anonymous said...

Was he with you or did you pick him up along the road??

I don't know if he is going cycling, playing football or Morris dancing. Maybe he was intending to do all three.

How's the Post Bike?

Tango and Cash said...

he was none of the above actually. he was the stripper at the bar in stranraer.

p.s. the post bike is sick - needs the attention of dr weld :-(

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