Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Early Signs of Relationship Breakdown

A fleeting moment of frustration drives a brief wedge between the normally inseparable Tango & Cash. "You are ALWAYS looking at that bloody map!! There's a race on, in case you hadn't noticed!!"

Tango & Cash Castlewellan adventure race Tango & Cash Castlewellan adventure race
Looking the part was not enough to push for victory in the 'Castlewellan' CCAR race on 23 February, but the pockets were VERY useful on the day.

(Thanks to Mickey Regan for the pics!)


Anonymous said...

Get your hands of the f_cking map !!


Here you take the f_cking map - smart arse !

Tango said...

No wonder we were 5th - you were too busy ballet dancing at the start (look very closely at the start line photo!!)

Great race

Anonymous said...

Big lad I wasn't even there - they call me DONKEY.

Anonymous said...

Here's one for you


Tango and Cash said...

ee aw... ee aw... ee always calls you donkey.

Tango said...

Big M, how are you keeping this weather.

Had forgotten about Bacon Muffler. Have you managed to get an NIO Team into Challenger yet?

Anonymous said...

Did you (donkey) really go into Bacon Mufler's bedroom looking for the pot of gold ..... and come out with only a rash(er)

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