Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Ulster Way - 600 Miles, 6 Days, 0 Gears

The new Ulster Way is a proposed 600 mile loop of Northern Ireland over roads, tracks, mountains and bogland. When completed, the new route will take in many of Northern Ireland’s portfolio of waymarked ways.

Tango & Cash are attempting to complete the entire proposed route in six consecutive days all under our own steam, on foot and by singlespeed mountain bike, beginning 3 May 2008. To the best of our knowledge, this has never been attempted before.

The Ulster Way in Six Consecutive Days Blog

Is it doable? Who knows, and we are not really fit for it, but we’ll give it a crack anyway, and see how we get on. We intend to make an early start each morning, and we will finish when we finish, most likely in a quite appalling physical and mental state, according to our calculations!

If you would like to join us for a day, or part of a day, email us or leave us a message with your email address - your company is almost certain to be a breath of fresh air, no matter how tedious you may be deemed in other social contexts.

(Note that cycling is not sanctioned on much of the route, so anyone joining the party will need to be prepared to carry their bike for some, possibly long, sections)

Worse Things Happen at Sea

Whilst this is first and foremost a personal challenge, we are going to try and raise as much money as we can for the RNLI, which anyone would recognise is an extremely worthy cause.

Our Ulster Way route will take us within touching distance of all 9 of Northern Ireland’s lifeboat stations.

Make a donation to RNLI at


Anonymous said...

where can i buy the orange jacket that the ginger geek is wearing

Tango and Cash said...

The actual jacket 'the ginger geek' is wearing will be auctioned for charity at public auction within a week of his death.

If you would like to purchase an exact replica, you better be quick, as they are flying off the shelves for a tenner in Ralph Lauren, RRP £170! :-o

EddieO said...

Ginger Geek???? That man is a legend in his own lunchtime. By the way, will there be a starting price for the jacket? Will the ginger geek still be wearing it a week after his death? Do this mean a bit of grave robbing? Does it come in any other colour? How many buttons does it have? Any money/coins/crumbs in the pockets?

Tango and Cash said...

What is this, Eddie? The promo for the new Miss Marple movie?!

Anonymous said...

Donations are going well I see. Lets hope RNLI aren't depending on you for a new boat!