Monday, May 05, 2008

A big THANK YOU from 2 very sore chaps!

Many thanks to those of you who have been leaving us messages and sending texts.  It really is great to get your notes during what is unquestionably the most arduous 'holiday' we have ever been on, so please keep it up.

Rick & Davy


Mac said...

Met the lads in Newcastle yesterday morning at 8.00am for the "wee spin" (26 miles) along the new Mourne Way to Rostrevor. It rained VERY hard then some more. Weather wise it was one of the worst 5.5 hours I ever spent on a bike. The craic was great with the lads and they were suprisingly upbeat after spending 13 hours on the bike the day before.

I left the lads in Rostrevor then they had another 70 miles to do. From reports they were in the saddle for 14.5 hours yesterday and were up and at it this morning again for 8.00am. Savages both of them. Two of the lads who were cycling with them left them in Aughnacloy today and they said Tango & Cash were riding the bikes as if they had just got on them!!

I would urge anyone who is anywhere in the vicinity of their spins to hook up with them and support them for an hour, a morning, an afternoon or a full day on this first (from what we can gather) ever loop of the Ulster Way on bike in 6 Days!!

Half way there lads. Yer man may start pulling the pints!!

monrobot said...

That Day 2 post really brought home the magnitude of what you lads are doing this week. Sounded hellish. But you're cracking it.

We ALL wish you the continued, unearthly stamina you've already displayed to go on and finish the job. Us amateurs can only look on in awe.

Godspeed Tango & Cash! !! (and that's gotta go on a t-shirt :)

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