Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Day 4 of the Ulster Way

Belcoo to Gortin

95 miles, just over 12 hours, 2875 vertical metres of climbing.

Glorious day that saw us get another roasting, and we amazingly finished an hour ahead of schedule. We did not start until nearly 9am, so reluctant were we to get back on the bikes an leave our hosts in Belcoo.

The views all day were simply breathtaking, but we had to work hard to get them, with the hills and the wind our enemies all day. Both of us were pretty banjaxed, both complaining of sore knees, and both REALLY looking forward to finishing.

We have concluded that single speed was madness for this trip , something we would have been better deciding before we started. Our Chips today were enjoyed in Pettigo. In an act of unblieveable generosity, the owner of our bed and breakfast in Belcoo donated to lifeboats and then offered to drive our bags to Gortin, which solved a big problem for us. More on this later.

The finish was savage, with endless climbing towards and around Gortin Glen, and we were very happy boys to finally roll to the hostel and collapse at 9pm. Tomorrow sees us hopefully reaching the North Coast!


aquaasho said...

Great achievement so far! Keep it going!

Anonymous said...

Am now so confident that I've been to Asda to buy the Guinness. Did you know that AW Wainwright promised everbody who completed the Pennine Way a half-pint in the Border Inn at the end of the trail. By the time he died, he had forked out £15,000 - am now a tad worried!
Anyhow not to worry, I don't reckon that many other humans will ever achieve what you two are about to do tomorrow (hopefully).
This must be the greatest endurance ride/bike carry marathon in NI history.
Have you an ETA in Belfast yet? I plan to join the throng of Thursday night Goths outside the City Hall who will be eagerly awaiting your triumphant arrival.
Big T

mickeyla said...

Good to see the spreadsheet is starting to work finally,it must have malfunctioned due to a slight bit of dampness from sunday morning!Keep up the good work lads you're almost there.

monrobot said...

Best of luck for the big finish tomorrow lads, I'm sure you won't be on your own for the home straight. Hope you can grab a quiet moment to reflect on the enormity of the achievement.

Enjoy the chips tomorrow!

Godspeed Tango & Cash®

Mac said...

Well done so far lads. Last day tomorrow. I'd say you'd crawl the last 100 miles if you have to. Makes the Transalp seem easy then? What's next?!

Can't be in Belfast tomorrow evening for your arrival but hope all goes well and you are able to wheelie the last furlong.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys need some mech and shifters to get geared up again lol, I'll get an order together what do you want 8 or 9 speed?

All the best CK

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