Friday, December 12, 2008

God Rest Us Merry Gentlemen

2008 AD has been a fantastic year's craic for Tango & Cash. We got new blazers, won some races, bombed some, rode the complete Ulster Way, put on a stone between us, and it looks like we will still be home for tea.

Merry Christmas to everyone we have raced with and against over the year, and for all those who have provided us with so many laughs.

Now it's time to take stock... and make lots of GRAVY with it, pour it over everything we can find, eat solidly from now until 2009, and pause only to drink port and draw on fine Cuban cigars.

Look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

(Photograph inspired by Electric 6)


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I open my mouth and no words come out....worried.

Anonymous said...

Thank's t&c for yet another years participation and support and i can only say my world has been enhanced for knowing you both i am the spark in a lot of ppl's lives but you 2 have been the spark in mine MERRY CHRISTMAS and aHAPPY NEW YEAR....!!!

seamus said...

thanks lads for the card hope you both have a nice christmas and an adventurous 09

Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas lads. Cheers for the card and for an entertaining 2008 Lets hope you can raise the bar for 2009. Keep me posted on what you have planned you never know I might join in some of your madness.

Mickey Regan

Hugh said...

Jolly damn fine Christmas Card chaps - you both look spiffing. I've put you up there with the card from HRHs Will and Harry, beside the Great Elk I bagged in Glenarrif. By the way who's that skinny little thing sitting on the shelf between you - more beef on a meat purveyor's pencil. Spitting image of one of my old girl-friends.

Well, Tally ho!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the card !

Now that you two are 'nearly' fit when are we going back to win Challenger's T with a ringer team ??

Merry Christmas


Joni McGlade said...

Thanks guys for the laughs this year and the card, it's taken center-piece on my fireplace! We'll have to organise some spins in 2009, work off the turkey & red wine :)

Merry xmas & keep 'er lit!


Jimmy said...

Caesar's greetings, chaps!
-from the wee three kings of Orient, and the two wee queens.

Paul McArthur said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all....!!!

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