Tuesday, October 20, 2009

TrailBadger.com Annual Scotland Trip, 16-18 October

Sixteen hardy souls braved baking sunshine and balmy temperatures to endure the meteorological hell that was Glentress and Innerleithen.

Faces set like stone to the driving blizzard and gale force winds, the brave 16 remained steadfast atop the mighty peak at Innerleithen, boldly singing rousing hymns, contemplating their sure destruction, and welcoming their glorious transition to eternity.

Jonny wondered as to the precise spot of his icy grave, completely lost and disorientated in the total white-out conditions.

John Ritchie was the beneficiary of this year's trip to Borders General Hospital. (I'm happy to report that the liposuction was a complete success).


Shane said...

Hey girls - check out Jimmy's Conquest of the Holy Land via bike (Joshua wouldn't have stood a chance) at AnswersInGenes!

Anonymous said...

Whos that fat duffer at the side?

oh wait, Its Rick.

Tango and Cash said...

What do you mean, "Oh, wait"? Ah, that's clearly Mark Dubya.

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