Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hip Replacement Surgery

Happy days, July 2006 - delight at the arrival of our On One 456 frames
One of the bikes built up, brand spanking new and ready for the Transalp Challenge.
 March 2011 - five years later, it's time for some TLC on the bottom bracket.  Thanks to Bugsy for the surgery. 
The old girl will be back in business in no time.


Barry Kellett said...

5 years out of one bottom bracket?I thought you boys were supposed to pedal a lot!?

Put grease on the new one ;-)

Tango and Cash said...

It still went round. That was the only thing that allowed it to still qualify as a bottom bracket!!

Sparky said...

That ain't Bugsy. The coat says it's Frank Butcher!!!

Tanveer Bhutani said...

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