Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Anyone for Turnips? Turkey Burn That Never Was

It was a dark and stormy night; and it kept going for the whole following day, 27 December 2006.

Our ambitious and exciting Mourne Epic plans dashed in the teeth of the gale, Tango & Cash and posse were beaten back to where else but Mourne country's The Turnip House, just up from Trassey Car Park.

Lemon drizzle cake, hot chocolate, home-made hats and (albeit lacklustre) turf fire were a handsome alternative to cycling across the mountains in the wind and rain.
Relaxing in The Turnip House The final descent into Newcastle


Tango and Cash said...

"Great to finally put a face to the legend of Tango and Cash.

"Thank you so much for visiting The Turnip House, and we look forward to receiving fine guests like you again in the near future.

"It felt like a big family, having all you guys with us - Christmas all over again! Bon cyclistication, as they say in Germany!"

(Message received by Tango and Cash via ESP, directly from John and Elaine, proprietors of The Turnip House)

Anonymous said...

Bunch of tossers, more like!

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