Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hotting Up for Adventure Race on 27 Jan

Ivan Park of Causeway Coast Adventure Racing2007 is upon us, and Tango & Cash continue their cross training programme in anticipation of the disciplines to be expected at the next CCAR Real Cycles adventure race in Castlewellan, 27 January. For 2 months now, the running and kayaking training have been 'starting tomorrow'.

Top 3 from last event: The Dash Test Crummies of Damien Gribben and Rory Finlay will be baying to secure back-to-back victories, having triumphed in the last race in Banagher. The form team appears to be the veteran O'Hagan brothers under the guise of Team Purple Helmet, having held aloft their magnificent trophies at last weekend's Trailquest. Rowan and Mac of NotTheSundayRun are a dead cert to zig-zag their way along faster than anyone else, navigating their way once again to the upper echelons of the leaderboard.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the day!


Anonymous said...

Ivan looks great in that photo! Has he had a little botox or something?

Anonymous said...

How did you boys get my picture? Thought I could loose the off season flab first. Never mind Happy New Year to you boys
Andy and Jacquie

Tango and Cash said...

I have to say, I much prefer you with your furry winter pelt. Not you, Jacquie - keep using the Immac ;-) Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

God you are so last year. Don't you know its VEET and its even for men A&J

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