Monday, January 15, 2007

Kirroughtree 13 Jan - Gone With the Wind

It was blowing a bit; well, blowing a LOT! But as long as the boat got us to Scotland, frankly my dear, we didn't give a damn when it would get us home.

Sperm bankWhen we arrived in Stranraer, the weather was so bad, we didn't know whether we were coming or going, but at the harbour we were inspired to press on, safe in the knowledge that plenty of work was going on to ensure the continuance of the human race, should we falter.

Davy was, as usual, quickly into his stride on the trails, setting the early pace, but it was not long before William 'Narls' Barkley found his old MTB feet after a few years of exile in the wilderness of tarmac racing (snigger).
Tango William posing for the camera William shitting himself
Paddy's lapdance at the first break did little to arouse the interests of Rick and Stevie, so he got nothing more down the front of his cycling shorts to keep that pair of socks company. Not to be beaten, Paddy let his northshore skills do the talking from that moment forth.
Paddy Mallon - Tubbs Paddy goes all northshore on us
There was chemistry in the air, though, as Alan and Jonny5 found common ground, sharing their experiences of full suspension with each other, into the wee hours. Inseparable they were. It was as if nobody else existed - beautiful to watch.
Full suspension conference Full sussers in union
Stevie's contribution to the day consisted primarily of the cruel goading of his fellow bikers. Here, in a rare shot that shows that Stevie has pitched over the bars himself, he shows his distaste at valiant Jonny's efforts on a particularly challenging section of the black route. But then he flashes that old cheeky grin, and it's all friends again - ya gotta love the guy!
Jonny and the Rock I'm a little tea-pot... Stevie and that old grin
Last laugh in this chapter was Jonny's, though - Stevie eats Jonny's dirt here, and not for the first time. More newsworthy than that however was a moment capturing Phil on the bike, actually cycling along; no punctures, and before the bike had chewed all his clothes off him.
Stevie eating Jonny's dirt Phil drops off the 'shore
On rushing back to get the boat, cancellation of the sailing forced the team to spend the night holed up in Stranraer, city of dreams. Phil had so much cheese on his pizza, it was nearly up to the level of his sense of humour, and Jonny5 and Davy seemed more tired the next morning than they were just after the biking - go figure! Yes, those single beds HAVE been pushed together.
The boy LOVES pizza Traditional and Wholesome Scottish Fayre Another notch in the bed-post


Anonymous said...

Looks and sounds totally SHIT!

DJ said...

A superb trip enjoyed by all. Roll on March for another one.

I see anonymous above didn't have the b@lls to show his identity. Go on anon, reveal yourself.

Anonymous said...

I hear you say that to ALL the boys, DJ!!

Peat Steve said...

anonymous would probably rather sit in with his boyfriend and argue over who gets to use the strap on first, while watching celebrity ice dancing with the sound down cause he wants to listen to his new westlife cd whilst crying tear of pure emotion into his KFC bucket.

Tango and Cash said...

Peat, surely only someone with experience of all that could wax so lyrical about it!

Now mind your language - this is a family show!!

simon said...

Good to see you boys came to your senses and ditched the gears!

Tango and Cash said...

we just don't know how to adjust them, so finally gave up.

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