Sunday, February 04, 2007

Routine Post-Ride Maintenance

Essential to the long-life and good performance of your bike is a regular and thorough program of cleaning, adjusting, tightening and oiling. Despite being lovingly caressed after every ride over the last 10 years or so, even the old '96 Cinder Cone is starting to show signs of wear. Only got a couple of years left before the loyal old soldier gets put out to pasture.

Tango and Cash Bike Maintenance Tango and Cash Bike Maintenance


DC said...

The good old 3 in 1 should do the trick there!! If you need a more permanent fix I know someone who is good with the welder.

CK said...

A tig welder might be more appropriate in this instance, I've always found that 3 in 1's adhesive qualities are somewhat limited!
Mind you the only response I'm likely to get out of Cash is "never mind all that technical guff can you fix it!". In this case find a skilled frame builder or sadly a skip :(

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