Thursday, February 01, 2007

Wanna Get Ahead? Get a Hat!!

In the wake of last weekend's race result, an unprecedented collaborative sponsorship deal has seen giants of NBA and NFL, the Boston Celtics and the Cincinnati Bengals, jointly sponsor Tango and Cash for the 2007 racing season, presenting them each with branded, personalised hats.

Tango and Cash Racing Hats Tango and Cash Racing Hats

Both men shifted uneasily in their seats at the glittering presentation ceremony in Muckamore Community Centre when enthusiastically encouraged by their new US sponsors to "go for the end-zone" and "slamdunk the opposition".


Mustafa Krap said...

Know we know who's who.

Mustgeta Spellchecker said...

Or rather NOW we know who's who.

Anonymous said...

Bonjourno Rodney,

From sunny Italy, the beautiful and historic city of Verona salutes you.
Cash, is my bike ready? I've got a gut like jabba and no wheels to burn it off with.
Help me out.

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