Saturday, October 16, 2010

Slieve Martin Slaughter 2010 (early shift)

Unable to make the official Slieve Martin Slaughter at 9am on Saturday due to a cake-baking competition we were judging that morning, we took our chance 8 hours earlier to reunite the Post Bike with the summit of Slieve Martin, then tore down the switchbacks on Davy's new tandem.

Anyone who fancies a rattle on the Post Bike over Fern Gully, now's your chance, as we left the bike up at the summit for some brave soul to have a crack!

Our tandem descent proved tricky enough, as we had lost the batteries for the bike lights on the way up; found one of them right at the bottom of the switchbacks, but the other one remains on the hill somewhere. If you find it, stick up a message.

Official NTSR Slieve Martin Slaughter 2010 event report here.

(1:00am on Slieve Martin, misty and c-c-c-cold)

(1:10am - A final moment with the post-bike before we departed on the tandem)

(4:00pm - The old post bike lounges majestically atop Slieve Martin, slaughter completed for another year)


Anonymous said...

Mad, mad, mad.

We were wondering how the post bike got there!

Paul McA said...

Not to worry...they have been mad for years ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lads, just read about your epic Ireland Extremities jaunt fair play to yous. The next time yous pass through Kilkeel forget about Asda and call into Rafferty's Mace/Maxol and I will stand yos a bag of Tayto and a tin of Coke.

Tango and Cash said...

Good lad, Peter!! That's a date!! Cheers, man.

Anonymous said...


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