Tuesday, November 09, 2010

CCAR Race 1, Cootehill, 6 November 2010

Lamentably, Tango and Cash weren't able to make this one, giving rise to plenty of pre-race taunts (as in the poster below) from some of the younger (and pretty pasty-looking, it has to be said) competitors.

Defying their ill-looking poster pallour, a big congratulations has to go to Sean and Enda, who came a creditable fourth in the race, despite suffering a puncture, a penalty, and an additional three sittings at the cracker-eating task - "COOOOOOOKKIEEEEES"

The irony of the team name "No race for old men" won't be lost on the lads, given that the average age of the folks on the podium was 63 (only brought down by Melanie Spath, who surely can't be any more than 21, and Gerry Kingston, who is currently studying for his 11+ and says he is really looking forward to "big school").

Causeway Coast Adventure Racing (CCAR)


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Tango and Cash said...

Hey, thanks kiddo!

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